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     Friends, personally, is a confusing area. First off you make friends, than you have to learn if they are true friends or just someone passing through, than some manage to fool you. Some make you think that you are important to them when really they are never truly there for you like you are to them. But sometimes you can get lucky and find lifelong friends, you may have a scatter disagreement and maybe even stop talking but you always end up friends again. There are many different types too, bingo friends, drinking friends etc but than the ones you truly cherish, that you can sit down with and talk about absolutely anything over a simple cup of coffee, those are the best friends, the true ones. Some friends can be like family to you but it can be hard to let your guard down if you've had bad experiences with "fake friends" before and keeping that guard up can ruin what would be a true friendship, I think the point is, you should give EVERYONE a chance and perhaps some people will surprise you. I absolutely love this blogging haha I keep teaching myself lessons, venting + writing stuff out really does help you understand things fully. Hope your having a awesome day whoever reads this, peace. :)

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