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     So my boyfriend has been gone now for 5 days, feels so much longer than that, more like 2 weeks. It's getting so much closer to Christmas now and all I can think about is him being gone again this year and missing the fun of Christmas morning with the kids and all the family suppers and good times. Regardless of that I appreciate 100% that he isn't lazy and that he is out working on boat so we can keep our children healthy and happy and I can't lie and say I'm not at least a lil spoiled. So I went out this weekend for a few drinks, my conclusion is that those men out there that are normally a bit 'piggish' are so much worst when drunk, how many times do you really have to say "I'm taken" before they give up, I hate forward type people and especially perverted types. I love hanging with the guys because it's true there is less drama, until they keep trying to get you in their beds no matter how many times you say no and that you have a boyfriend, possibly the biggest buzz kill ever! When I go out I'd rather it be with my boyfriend, his so much fun, dancing around and acting silly but he hits on me too which I love because he is my boyfriend so he has a right too, his one of the very few guys I know that stays faithful to his girlfriend and his all mine ! :) Luckily Christmas I am taking the kids and going to my parents but it's still lonely to an extent, being without Jeff always leaves an empty part in me, like something is just missing from inside me, I think that's how I know his the one, the moment we part for him to go out on boat or for me to it feels like someone tore a big piece out from inside me. Just lucky I always have my two babies to remind me of their daddy and give my sooks to when his gone. Now to finish getting ready for Christmas, still so much left to do and so little time it's awful how slow I've been this year getting ready for Christmas. Hopefully I get things done on time, if not it's going to suck. Peace.

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